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Mediranos Corporation

Mediranos Corporation is the leading one stop Healthcare ecosystem platform by Combining “Healthcare + Blockchain + AI ” technology. Mediranos strive to provide one stop solutions for Healthcare Ecosystem from Manufacturer to Payers.

Mediranos make a platform for Healthcare Institution to create a new consumer base from it’s various platform.

We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures


With our customers and partners, we are creating a stronger, better coordinated, increasingly collaborative, and more efficient healthcare system that enables better patient care, choice, and outcomes at scale. Through our unique perspective and interconnected position at the center of healthcare, we are a catalyst to accelerating your path to value-based care and more relevant engagement with consumers.

Med Ai

Med Ai is, in essence, the slow fruit of a group of engineers driven by an enduring ambition to build the best technology they possibly could. They went in wholeheartedly, and made Med Ai the most widely used MPA platform in the world today, drawing together elite enterprises, global partners committed to excellence in implementation and product innovation, and the largest MPA developer community ready to make an impact on the world.

We encourage the best minds to contribute and create the next leap in MPA. More than 200.000 developers of all ranks are building upon the free Med Ai Community Edition today, and to support this growing pool of talent, we brought Med Ai Academy to the world as the first open online training and certification platform dedicated to MPA users. More than 200.000 users spanning all continents have enrolled in at least one of our online courses since its launch in May 2019.

Mediranos My Pharmacy

Product, provider and patient success all hinge on access. We propel it forward with solutions that address every aspect of the healthcare journey—from drug development and value demonstration to ensuring safe product distribution and removing financial hurdles for patients.

Med lab

The company’s mission is to improve health and improve lives by delivering world-class diagnostic solutions, bringing innovative medicines to patients faster, and using technology to improve the delivery of care. LabCorp serves a broad range of customers, including managed care organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies, physicians and other healthcare providers, hospitals and health systems, employers, patients and consumers, contract research organizations, food and nutritional companies, and independent clinical laboratories.

Healthmed. AI

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly with large volumes of data and increasing challenges in cost and patient outcomes. Early adopters of AI in the healthcare space are reaping the benefits in terms of patient care and adding to their bottom line results, and everyone is taking notice.

These companies are using AI for a number of scenarios including managing claims, detecting fraud, improving clinical workflows, and predicting hospital acquired infections. Med block, the open source and automation leader in AI, is empowering leading healthcare companies to deliver AI solutions that are changing the industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Mediranos used Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technology to Create a New platform for Healthcare Institution & Individuals for better Healthcare Ecosystem.


Mediranos used Blockchain Technology to create a single window platform for Providers, Manufacturer to Payers

Tech Healthcare

By using IOT Based platform Mediranos Corporation play a vital role for Supplier management from Manufacturer to Providers

MyOS Hub

MyOS Hub is a fully open source, distributed in-memory machine learning platform with linear scalability. MyOS Hub supports the most widely used statistical & machine learning algorithms including gradient boosted machines, generalized linear models, deep learning and more.


Medglob the mission to utilize AI and advanced analytics to improve health by tracking and predicting disease the earliest. Medigo.io data analytics services have the potential to impact the health of millions of patients and eradicate disease.


Medigo.io is a future-proof healthcare protocol that allows for innovative solutions within a legacy industry.

Med Block

Med Block is an AI and advanced data analytics Projects targeting the healthcare industry. Our proprietary intelligent software captures and understands video, audio, and behavioral data to establish the link between patients, disease, and treatment.

Mediranos AI Lab

We combine artificial intelligence with automation to conduct experimental biology at scale — testing thousands of compounds on hundreds of cellular disease models in parallel. Our embrace of systems biology and our commitment to an unbiased approach are leading to novel discoveries. With every experiment, our system gets smarter

Med cure

Med cure is an AI and advanced data analytics company targeting the healthcare industry. Our proprietary intelligent software captures and understands video, audio, and behavioural data to establish the link between patients, disease and treatment.

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Meet Our Team

Our Team brings Deep Knowledge in Well – being Healthcare Technology, Consumer Guidance & User Experience together. They Lead with a commitment to best Businesses Practices matched only by Their Dedication to Clients

Abhishek Giri
The Chairman of Board & Chief Executive Officer

Aniket Chaudhary
Chief Technology Officer

Ranvijay Sinha
Chief Operating Officer

Aayushi Sharma
Chief Human Resource Officer

Anshika Singh
Chief Information Officer

V. K. Nayadu
Chief Financial Officer

V.P. Product

T.S. Vishvanath
V.P. Buisness Development

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We have had a look at the competitors messaging assessment report and we’re very pleased. It is the high standard of work we expect from e-merge.

Johnson & Johnson

“Thank you very much for introducing us to mediranos.

Yes, it was a pleasant experience working with them. Though the area of Herbals was a bit challenging than pharmaceutical, but they have now completed the project and have provided us details of about 50 products falling into the therapeutic areas of our interest along with their profile, composition, published clinical trials and contact details.

We are again very thankful to you for introducing.

Christian Medical Collage (CMC) Vellore

Thank you to mediranos for the good work. We appreciate the performance of this task and look forward to further opportunities to collaborate with you for our Competitive intelligence and Business Intelligence needs”.

Merk & Co.

“Generally we are impressed by the completeness and accuracy. We were also surprised to see that this seems to be all the data for the India, rather than just the hospitals”.


“Thanks for the revised. It looks good from my point of view. Usual thanks for a timely and professionally well done job”.

Lilavati Hospital & Research Center

“Your report contained a significant number of potential licensees we had not yet discovered in our research. I appreciate you and your team on behalf of their hard work”

AIIMS, New Delhi

This is a very comprehensive profile, which I really appreciate. I liked that you had a focus on the additives business in addition to the general information

Sir Sunderlal Hospital, IMS – BHU

Thank you very much for completing the competitive Landscape study report on Gene Therapy Vector System even before the deadline. This looks perfectly that we wanted to obtain