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About Us

Mediranos Corporation

Leading the Way
in Health and Well-Being

Mediranos Corporation Provide the Fundamental Technology Information and marketing reach to help Merchants, Brands & Other Businesses that Provide product and Service to leverage the Power of the Internet to engage with users and consumer. Mediranos seeks to evolve with the M- Health + AI + Blockchain & IOT by investing in Innovation providing a mutually beneficial environment for Partners and staying close to users.

With a plethora of options available out there, how do you choose who to trust, what is fad vs. real? How much time do you have to spend on figuring it out? You need the right information, the right way – your way.

That’s why we’re here.

A Proven Leader

Backed by one of the most trusted brands, Mediranos Health Services knows how to cut through the noise to bring you what you need – when and how you need it.

As a pioneer in the world of health and well-being, you can count on us. Since 1999, we’ve led employers and health plans through the development and implementation of well-being programs that not only save them money but transform lives.

People Eligible for Mediranos Well-Being Solutions
Across a Variety of Employer and Health Plan Clients

Source. 2015 Mediranos Book of Business

The Value of a Trusted Brand

Can a brand name actually give well-being program engagement a boost? What value could the Mediranos name bring to your program?

Configurability for a Personalized Experience.


And while each of these programs have been built on a shared foundation, no two have been exactly the same. That’s because no two companies or health plans are the same – and neither are any two people.



Your Mediranos well-being program reflects and fosters your unique brand & culture.



Different populations can be addressed in different ways based upon their needs and situations, helping you effectively reach more people, including those who may sometimes be harder to reach.

Integration Expertise


At the individual level, our programs deliver comprehensive, integrated and completely personalized experiences.


We can do this because we securely and seamlessly integrate with a broad scope of vendors from rewards fulfillment providers to benefits administrators to your own health coaches and more

In this way, we can power the truly positive, lifelong changes you seek.



Vendor Integrations

Source. Mediranos 2014 Book of Business

All-in-One Solution


In addition to working with your other vendors, the components of our solution works together as one. For example, you can be served up personal recommendations based upon information you provide in a health assessment.

From our Health Assessment to our digital goal-setting and tracking tool to our coaches and beyond, you know that the right things are being recommended at the right times.

Your Mediranos Team


And, when you have questions along the way, we’re here for you. Your integrated client team of technical folks, analytics gurus, business analysts, quality assurance specialists, communications mentors and more thrive on helping you make health & well-being the reality you know it can be.

Mediranos understands how many aspects of life contribute to your total well-being – because it contributes to ours, too.

Your life is multi-faceted and interconnected.
Shouldn’t your health and well-being program be, too?