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Improve Health and Create New Opportunities for Your Laboratory

Strategic Partnership Opportunities


Capture new sources of revenue

Leveraging clinical diagnostics expertise, AI, and highly scalable technology platforms, Medglob works with the nation’s largest labs to open new sources of revenue, improve data quality and uniformity, and enhance their value in the healthcare ecosystem.

In today’s healthcare environment, where labs are facing continued reimbursement and pricing pressures, Medglob seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure to immediately enable incremental revenue and operational opportunities.

Privacy & Security Overview


Our solutions do not involve protected health information (PHI) leaving your lab

  • Your data is de-identified on your premises

Medglob has received the following certifications from nationally recognized experts:

  • Approval of cryptographic security functions of our de-identification software
  • HIPAA determination that the output of our database and our products — all within defined parameters, are HIPAA compliant