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Life Sciences


Lab data can be used to segment patient populations and is the only way to identify specific test result values


Unlike Rx or claims data, clinical diagnostics data comes before treatment decisions have been made


Laboratory testing influences 70% of medical decisions and 100% of treatment decisions for certain conditions

Why Work With Mediranos?

Comprehensive Network

Medglob lab network is expansive, comprehensive and includes longitudinal data across 35 therapeutic areas. Our dataset contains 19 billion records for 185 million patients and includes provider, practice and de-identified patient information.

Actionable Solutions

We simplify the complexity that comes with managing diagnostic data for disparate sources. Medglob anonymizes, standardizes and enriches data before applying AI and advanced analytics, making it immediately actionable.

Clinical and Life Science Expertise

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our life science partners. That along with our deep clinical knowledge and lab expertise allows us to build algorithms that identify patient profiles and patient care gaps most relevant to client needs.

“We expect Biogen’s partnership with Medglob to help us provide more awareness of the benefits of diagnosing earlier by finding the right patients based on specific biomarkers.”

Justin Bush, US Brand and Launch Lead, Rare Disease Group at Biogen