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Long-term Care Pharmacies

Helping you give your patients exactly what they need when they need it

We offer services and solutions that provide the support you need to offer patients lasting care. You can rely on us to make your long-term business success our priority, so you can focus on doing what you do best: providing sustainable care to the members of your community.

A superior distribution network


Unmatched product access, excellent customer service and competitive pricing are just a few ways that AmerisourceBergen stands out from other distributors. Our customers value the transparency, integrity and trustworthiness that we bring to our client and customer relationships, as well as our timely responses to any issues that arise. Pharmacies also appreciate the reliability and dependability of our delivery, including next-day delivery on most products.

Pharmacist stocking bottles

Generics purchasing that goes the distance


PRxO Generics rewards your pharmacy for your long-term commitment to patient care. With economically competitive drug choices, secure, daily delivery and performance-based rebates, this solution is designed to save you money and time.

Pharmacy ownership services made simple


We simplify the complicated process of buying and selling independent pharmacies by providing comprehensive guidance and hands-on assistance, which helps sellers maximize the value of their pharmacy, connects buyers with the right opportunities for their needs and keeps independent pharmacies independent.

Increasing efficiency with ABC Order


In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, it’s more important than ever for healthcare providers to streamline workflows and reduce inefficiencies. Our e-commerce platform ABC Order was designed hand-in-hand with our customers to make the ordering process quick and efficient. From robust product search to inventory management tools, ABC Order lets pharmacies spend less time on managing their businesses and more time caring for patients.