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We are made up of 80+ dedicated professionals from various countries, cultures, backgrounds, and professional experiences. Over half of our team is made of engineers, data scientists, and clinicians. We are united in the desire to increase the usefulness of disparate healthcare data in order to better inform clinical decisions and ultimately improve patient outcomes.


Improve Health and Create New Opportunities for Your Laboratory

Leveraging clinical diagnostics expertise, AI, and highly scalable technology platforms, Medglob works with the nation’s largest labs to open new sources of revenue, improve data quality and uniformity, and enhance their value in the healthcare ecosystem.


Improve Health and Manage Risk

Medglob DxCloud is an end-to-end solution to solve data connectivity, quality, and analytics needs. Medglob transforms lab data into actionable insights that allow payers to intelligently manage data and stores it within our AI analytic cloud.

Life Sciences

Improve Health and Drive Brand Performance

Medglob lab network is expansive, comprehensive and includes longitudinal data across 35 therapeutic areas. Our dataset contains 19 billion records for 185 million patients and includes provider, practice and de-identified patient information.