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Medigo.io Ledger

Public Blockchain

EOS driven access controls give patients full ownership and transparency of their personal medical data.

Accessing Data

Patients can now choose how they interact with their medical history.

  • Share medical histories with hospitals, specialists, and researchers, anywhere in the world.
  • Selectively reveal relevant parts of a medical record with a predefined time limit.
  • Acquire Medigo.io tokens offered by research institutions for the collection of anonymous health data.
  • Pay for medical services with Medigo.io tokens.
  • Access to a variety of cross-platform health apps within the Iryo Network.

Scaling with EOS

EOS will allow for the creation of an extremely efficient and scalable network. EOS “shards” will enable Medigo.io to create an extremely dynamic yet super lightweight chain resulting in lightning fast transactions. Sharing vast quantities of medical data between subjects of trust, such as doctors, specialists, and researchers will ultimately be less expensive, less time consuming and yield greater value for patients around the world.