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Medigo.io Network

The first open healthcare protocol for the secure and private exchange of medical data.

Network Properties

A new era of data interoperability, privacy and control.


Medical archetypes keep medical data consistent making it highly valuable to users.


High-level zero-knowledge encryption renders medical data useless to attackers.


Permission access controls enable the secure exchange of sensitive medical data.

Open-source API

We encourage developers to create solutions that will help scale the network.

Private Key Management

Your keys, your data. ZeroPass’ secure key management & recovery solution ensures you never get locked out.

Healthcare Data Exchange

Gateway Currency

Medigo.io’s unique open-source platform will drive a new generation of highly effective data exchange within the medical community. Unified records will allow individuals to securely manage and monetize their medical data by opening it up to research.

Bearer Health Records

Bearer health records will become the new standard, allowing patients to fully own and leverage their sensitive data through the use of their private keys. Bearer instruments shift the balance of power from the institution to the patient.

Network Integration

Healthcare providers are easily able to plug in their existing medical data workflows into the Network allowing for uninterrupted care. Once onboard, existing medical data will gain an unprecedented level of value for patients.