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Connecting the Care Continuum

MediIT occupies a uniquely interconnected position at the center of healthcare, serving providers, payers, and consumers. As independent MediIT company, we work with multiple platforms to address diverse needs.

Our provider solutions help providers increase patient access, ensure clinically appropriate care, and manage claims and payments across the revenue cycle.

Our payer solutions address payment accuracy, consumer and member engagement, network management, and the transition to value-based payment.

Our consumer solutions provide digital tools to help patients access their personal information and make choices based on quality, cost, and convenience.

Revenue Performance & Financial Management Solutions

Revenue Performance & Financial Management Solutions

Revenue Performance & Financial Management Solutions
Artificial intelligence, machine-learning algorithms, and blockchain applications drive our analytics capabilities, and enable us to uncover revenue and efficiency opportunities throughout the revenue cycle.

We offer multiple solutions to address the unique and complex challenges facing providers, from patient access and eligibility, to claims submissions and management, to reimbursement accuracy and patient collections.

By combining data aggregation with insights gleaned from our Intelligent Healthcare Network, we can provide you with specific, actionable data to drive decision-making and ultimately, revenue performance.

Quality & Cost Management Solutions

Quality & Cost Management Solutions

Driving toward frictionless adjudication, our Quality and Cost Management solutions are powered by our deep insights and analytics gained from our unique vantage point looking across the entire care continuum.

Our medical and data-driven financial expertise and analytics help payers drive accurate and transparent claims, so they can streamline the collection, payment and recovery process.

Our solutions can handle all modalities of payment, and our intelligent learning platform helps payers optimize individual claims earlier in the process, and identify opportunities to improve their overall financial health.

Network, Data & Analytics Solutions

Revenue Performance & Financial Management Solutions

All sound decision-making begins and end with data. You need robust insights and actionable information to drive changes that will help you achieve your goals, interoperability to help ensure your solutions work in tandem to maximize results, and analytics to measure progress.

Our Intelligent Healthcare Network is at the core of our integrated solutions ecosystem, interconnected to thousands of government and private payers, medical and dental providers, pharmacies, and laboratories. The breadth and depth of our network enables us to leverage data aggregation and insights, and our solutions include interoperable features such as APIs to optimize functionality.

Our Network, Data & Analytics Solutions enable and optimize clinical, financial, and administrative transactions to improve efficiency and performance.

Engagement Solutions

Engagement Solutions

Our Member Engagement Solutions deliver tailored experiences and communications that help strengthen relationships among providers, payers, and their customers to drive behavioral change.

We use our unique perspective of the entire care continuum, our large network, and intelligent data-analytic tools to help you design the right mix of touchpoints and messages for your member and patient journeys.

Effective engagement facilitates member and patient satisfaction, compliance, and ultimately, quality outcomes.

Consulting & Transformation Services

Consulting & Transformation Services

With many, diverse pressures impacting the healthcare industry, providers and payers are expected to continuously innovate and transform their operations to facilitate quality care, efficiency, and optimal revenue performance.

But major initiatives—such as transitioning to value-based care, third-party administration, and pharmacy benefits administration—require a level of expertise and in-depth experience that many organizations simply don’t have.

Our Consulting & Transformation Solutions enable you to access the knowledge and leadership you need to push clinical, financial, and administrative initiatives forward and bring them to fruition. We help you assess your environment, devise a plan of action, select solutions to optimize your performance, and guide you through transformation.

Clinical Operations & Care Productivity Solutions

Clinical Operations & Care Productivity Solutions

Managing the flow of information and resources across the entire provider ecosystem is key to improving quality of care, reducing inefficiencies and costs, and optimizing productivity and capacity.

We leverage our deep clinical expertise, technology, data, and intelligent analysis to deliver integrated, scalable solutions that enable you to connect caregivers and optimize resources across diverse systems.

Our Enterprise Medical Imaging Solutions are used in radiology, cardiology, and vascular services, as well as with extended care, home care, and hospice services. Our Clinical Operations & Care Productivity Solutions help ensure the right data is delivered at the right time, for the right patient.

Healthcare Data & Analytics Solutions

For payers and providers that want to turn healthcare data into actionable insights.

Enterprise Medical Imaging Solutions

For providers that want to deliver better care with efficiency and operational insights.

Payment Accuracy Solutions

For payers that want to improve claims adjudication and streamline payment operations.

Provider Contract Optimization Solutions

For payers who want to identify cost savings opportunities and automate contracting.

Patient Access & Eligibility Verification Solutions

For providers that want to improve patient engagement and access, and optimize revenue.

Revenue Improvement Solutions

For providers that want to improve revenue-cycle efficiency and financial performance.

Value Based Care Enablement Solutions

For payers and providers that want to improve efficiency and patient care outcomes.

Risk Adjustment Analytics Solutions

Technology designed to help our partners improve quality of care, increase revenue, and meet compliance guidelines.