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Mediranos Orchestrator

Deploy anywhere

In the cloud or on-premises, physical or virtual machines, it’s easy to start small and scale fast.

Scale optimally

Priorities and workloads change. Orchestrator groups Robots in queues and keeps them busy with prioritized work.

Compliant Collaboration

Multi-tenancy enables your different global teams to share resources and collaborate on RPA projects while securely maintaining privacy and data separation.

Secure digital workforce

Securely store Robot credentials and limit access to specific roles and responsibilities with CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault.


Improve your security posture with SAML 2.0 single sign-on access to Orchestrator using your standard organizational credentials.


Smartcards are used to provide enhanced security and to reduce risk of data breach. Orchestrator support for smartcards ensure unattended Robots can operate with the same high security.

Audit everything, improve as you go

All Robot and user activities can be recorded in Orchestrator supporting all your audit and compliance needs.


You can gain insights into performance, with powerful visual analytics in real time.