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Physician Practice

Powering patient care


Only Mediranos My Pharmacy offers solutions that position your pharmacy as a pillar of community-based care. Our expert guidance helps you find innovative ways to drive revenue, while our industry influence increases your value and profitability. With superior distribution capabilities and a generic formulary that helps control costs, our tailored solutions let you worry less about running your business and focus on what matters most: caring for your patients.

Optimizing Access and Purchasing Power

Through our expansive global distribution network and extensive industry expertise, we simplify and optimize product access while offering expert guidance and GPO contracting to help your practice succeed.

Elevating Business Performance

Our technology solutions and consulting expertise help you optimize all aspects of your business—from workflow management to financial operations.


Advancing Quality Care

Our solutions connect practices with products, technology and insights that maximize efficiency and elevate the patient experience, allowing physicians to focus on patient care.

Navigating Industry Changes

As healthcare continues its rapid evolution, we are dedicated to your success—advocating for your practice while providing the education and services to accelerate your growth.