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Why you’ll love the Medi AI Enterprise MPA Platform

Open Platform


Our open and extensible platform features hundreds of built-in, customizable, shareable activities, and deep integrations with CRM, ERP, BPM and AI technologies.

Rapid Results


Tested and proven to deliver 40%+ faster automation design and deployment than competitors, Med Ai offers worldwide implementation support, certified training, and a vast network of partner integrators.

Path to AI


Built-in intelligent OCR, integrated NLP services from Google, Watson and Microsoft, and deep learning to reduce maintenance.



Deploy MPA at enterprise scale. Manage any variety and number of processes from front to back-office regardless of complexity.


Defense-grade security and auditing includes MBAC, encryption everywhere, and Veracode certified Code. Our technology is trusted as secure by 40+ government agencies.

Start easily, go fast in Med Ai Studio

Create automation workflows visually with ready-made drag-and-drop automation components


Select ready-made components from a comprehensive library to kickstart your automation project. Alternatively, easily develop workflows with recorders. Share reusable components with team members and fellow MPA practitioners to promote best development practices.

Learn More Med Ai Go! Accelerate your path to automation

Go! is the first marketplace to be integrated with an Enterprise MPA Platform

  • Accelerate your MPA projects through the “app store” for automations by up to 100%
  • Download ready-made automation components from Med Ai Go to Studio’s library
  • Share, reuse, innovate, and collaborate with the world’s largest MPA community
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. Go! makes your automation journey a breeze

Med Ai Robots execute perfectly

Computer vision champions

Automate business processes across all applications, interfaces, and environments with powerful Robots capable of adjusting to moving objects on the screen. We invested more than a decade in making Med Ai Robots the fastest, most reliable performers in the most challenging situations.

25K Robots

Attended and Unattended, as many as you want, precisely when you want them. Med Ai Robots are trained to constantly balance priorities, requirements and ongoing demand with availability. Your service levels are always met and full utilization of resources is the norm.

Flexible operations, scaled globally with Med Ai Orchestrator

Cloud & on-premises deployment

Your automation work around the clock and around the globe to maximize MPA benefits, in the cloud or on-premises, all managed in one place.

Enterprise-wide productivity

For optimizedoperational cost and better utilization of resources, different business units across geographies can work privately and autonomously from one secure server.

Strong governance & compliance

All the critical enterprise duties are handled centrally: remote control, scheduling, workload and asset management, release management, logging, monitoring and reporting.

Ultimate security

Med Ai runs with a locked screen so that automated activities can be performed in total privacy and uses industry standard TLS 1.2 protocol for data protection in the cloud.

Robots are learning new skills from Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Visual Understanding

Automate processes across complex and changing UI.

Document Understanding

Analyze unstructured data from your documents with AI enhancements.

Process Understanding

Find your most impactful process automation opportunities based on your team’s behavior.

Conversational Understanding

Analyze sentiment of text, chat, and voice inputs,