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Risk Adjustment Analytics Solutions

Submit Accurate, Timely Data to Help Drive Revenue

Risk adjustment strategies require an expert partner

For healthcare organizations, the analysis of risk scores using the specific risk-adjusted model Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) — as defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for Medicare and ACA-Commercial models and state-based Medicaid programs — can be difficult.

Through a collaborative partnership, MediIT can assist in applying artificial intelligence analytics to help close your associated risk gaps. We leverage your data within our proven platform to help you take measures that can help reduce your risk scores, improve revenue, and impact the quality of care for your membership

Identify risk adjustment factor (RAF) score gaps

Our industry-leading advanced analytic engine extends beyond claims data analytics, incorporating alternate data sources, such as pharmacy and care management data, to identify all possible risk gaps.

Our proven team provides analytic support and deep risk adjustment expertise to interpret your risk score trend data. Together, we help you create the most effective prospective and retrospective risk adjustment strategy.

Improve Risk Adjustment in a Compliant Manner

Detailed metrics

Monitor risk score trends and related metrics, such as percentage of members with HCCs, average risk score, and expected risk score (gaps) at the member and provider level.

Comprehensive view of member and provider data

View all risk-adjusting data for members and providers, including claims, coding results, assessment data, provider diagnosis distribution and more.

Ongoing status updates

Review and evaluate project results within our RISK View™ platform. Examine reporting of analysis results, including projected and final ROI.

Access to retrospective and prospective lists

Examine retrospective and prospective targeting lists using demographic data, pharmacy data, self-reported conditions, and care management information. For partners utilizing our chart retrieval and coding services, or member engagement solutions, chase lists and coding results are integrated.